You Have 5 Seconds To Make an Impression

A visitor will decide whether or not your website is worth their time in 3-5 seconds. That’s it. Your website design needs to be visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, and search engine optimized in order to keep visitors on your site. It has to have unique content, and it has to convey not only who you and your company are…but what your company or product is all about.

Isn’t it annoying when those other web design companies hide their website prices? They make you give them your information and budget just to find out what it would cost to have a website made. And then it’s likely going to be outside of your budget. What a waste of your valuable time!

With Spiritual Web Development, we provide you with our web design prices upfront. This avoids any unnecessary confusion and lets you utilize your time more efficiently. If you need custom programmed web design pricing, call or email us and we will help you find the right web design package for you.

If you are unsure about anything or would just like to ask a question about pricing, contact us today. We are here to help you.

The Details

It’s important that we talk and get to know you and your business. We need to learn about the problems you are facing and what you are looking to achieve. We take the time to understand your requirements and ask questions, so we can be sure to provide the best possible solutions that are right for your business.

The Plan

It’s time for planning, we’ll start by identifying the pages you will need, their flow and relationship to each other. We’ll then create a functional document or specification that sets out in detail the things your website must do and how it will do them. It’s important to be realistic about timescales, so we’ll provide an overview of activities and when things will be done. We’ll also let you know what we need from you and when it is required, so the project can run as efficiently as possible.

The Design & Build

This is where the fun starts. We’ll get our creative ideas flowing and produce a mockup of your new website. We will take the time to review the mockup with you directly and make any changes where necessary. Once approved, we’ll be ready to move onto development.

We take pride in the quality of our work and our coding is no different. We don’t do shortcuts. So we won’t build a website that doesn’t look great on every modern browser or device. If you are looking for older browser support, no problem just ask.

Testing & Completion

So we’re almost done. Together we’ve come up with a website that looks great and does exactly what you need it to do. Now let’s break it! Just figuratively, of course. This is where we throw everything we’ve got at it to make sure it works and any issues are under control. Once we’re happy with it, its now time to provide you with a link to our testing environment so you can see things for yourself. Feel free to provide any final feedback and we’ll apply the finishing touches. Then all we need to do is officially launch the website.

Changes & Maintenance

You should know we’re in it for the long haul. We think we’re a friendly bunch who know what we’re talking about. And so it turns out, so do 99% of our clients, who once we’ve worked together, stay with us. Our genuine care for clients sets us apart, we’re always on hand to apply updates or assist with technical issues, even on weekends. It’s also important that your website stays ahead of the game, so we’re here when you need to make improvements or add new functionality. Building a website is just the start for us.

What Do We Offer That Others Don’t?

All of the benefits of a large design firm, with the support and attention of a small firm.

We are not the cheapest developers in town, but we finish on time and in budget every time. And we help you build not just your business website and graphic needs, we also help you build and establish business credit as well.

Custom Design & Development

Your site will be developed into a custom WordPress theme or a custom PHP site. This is a fully custom theme, developed just for you.

100% Site Ownership

This means you will have 100% ownership of the site once it has been paid for, with no licensing fees. You can do with the site as you want. Forever.

Edits are Easy

Your site will be extremely easy to update and edit on your own. If you can update your Facebook profile you’ll be able to update this website.

Fast Site Speeds

WordPress is great IF you know what you’re doing. Sometimes WordPress websites can run slow if you don’t configure them properly. We develop our sites in such a way that they are optimized for speed.

Mobile Responsive

Your site will be fully mobile responsive, adapting for the iPhone, iPad and all other mobile devices.

Safe & Secure

If you don’t know what you’re doing WordPress website can be vulnerable to attack, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We will configure your site to be safe and secure.

1 Year Warranty

We stand behind our work and all of our sites come with a 1 year warranty, where if there are any bugs or breaks on the site we will fix it at no additional cost.

3rd Party Integration

We can integrate your website with a wide array of third party integrations. This can include CRM applications such as Salesforce or Hubspot or other types of applications such as chat plugins, booking integration and more.

Web Development Packages

To view financing options, please click here

Level 1 Web Development – “Simple, Yet Professional”

Our packages are pre-structured solutions with a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to keep costs low while still obtaining a strong online presence. Great for simple website needs.

This is the starter level website that allows you to introduce customers to your company and its online presence. Perfect for establishing your online footprint.


Financing Option:

$222 down, 8 monthly payments of $111.

More Details on the Level 1 Package

1 to 5 Pages – (example) Home, About, Services, FAQs, Contact

A basic website best used for informing and introducing your client to your company. Almost like an online brochure that establishes professional credibilty.

Additional Pages (6 through 9) are charged $120 per page


Level 2 Web Development – “I Want My Clients To Be Able To Login”

Our CMS-driven website solution gives you a unique look and database-driven features without re-inventing the wheel. Beautiful, and typically more involved than a simple brochure-site. Great for most feature-rich, business-driven websites.

Level 2 is an enhanced website design that allows you to broaden your online presence, add ecommerce or blogs, online courses, etc.
Great package for online stores with a small inventory of items.


Financing Option:

$222 down, 16 monthly payments of $125.

More Details on the Level 2 Package
10 to 19 Pages

An enhanced website design solution that allows you to generate higher forms of engagement with your customers. If you plan on blogging, or selling a small inventory of items/services, this package may be best suited to your needs.

Additional Pages (20 through 29) are charged $100 per page

Level 3 Web Development – “Everything About The Site Has To Be Custom”

A masterfully crafted web application in which every element typically requires customization.

Level 3 is a professional solution with the increased flexibility of incorporating more pages and graphics


Financing Option:

$333 down, 20 monthly payments of $150.

More Details on the Level 3 Package
30 to 49 Pages

You have an online presence already and are ready to make the leap to a higher degree of engagement and professionalism. This package serves larger e-commerce sites and brands that have high levels of engagement with their customers (or students if you’re offering online courses through your site).

Additional pages would require a Level 4 Package purchase

Level 4 Web Development – An Enterprise Solution

Everything you would expect from a high end website with an app. Our enterprise level solutions typically involve a great deal of business consulting, strategic partnerships, project management, and are almost always intertwined with a well thought out, thorough marketing plan. Often best for entrepreneurial endeavors as well as large corporations and organizations. Level 4 is a robust solution that allows us to create a content-rich site for better search engine rankings

$4444 and up

Financing Option:

$444 down, 20 monthly payments of $200.

More Details on the Level 4 Package

50+ Pages

$4444 is the base price for a site of 50+ pages because of the extra customization that goes into creating a site that robust while also integrating with an application. This package has to take your marketing, branding, and business plan into alignment with its design and functionality.

Additional pages would require a custom pricing plan Protection Status


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