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You have no more than 5 seconds. That’s it. Did your customer stay on your site? Did they leave? That’s what designers call a “bounce rate.” You want to have a low bounce rate because that means people land on your site and they stay.

Your website needs to be balanced in aesthetics, content, and communication of who you and your company truly are… and it needs to load all of that¬†fast. Your Web Hosting service plays a big role in that. This is why we offer not only the design side of your site, but the under appreciated web hosting services as well.

99% Uptime

We have always been pioneers in inventing our own advanced web hosting security solutions. They have minimized the downtime risk to levels which companies, relying on the available mass solutions, could never achieve.

Linux Containers (LXC)

Our platform is built on top of the cutting edge LXC (Linux containers) technology. We have chosen to use LXC, because it is extremely resource efficient, highly elastic and provides great stability in times of unexpected traffic spikes.

Pro-active Server Monitoring

Our in-house created server monitoring is another piece of art of the our DevOps team. It is extremely lightweight and can check the server status far more often than standard monitoring systems.

Automatic Backup System and Instant Backups On Demand

Our custom backup system allows you to quickly browse and restore data from our automatic system backups. On top of that you can also create instant backups yourself anytime you need to, for example before making website changes.

WordPress & Database Updates

We will actively update your WordPress installation as soon as updates are available for all themes and plugins making sure that it is always up to date.

Daily Backups

Your website will be backed up on a daily basis for the last 60 days. At any point you can push a button and 30 seconds later your site will be restored from any previous backup point.

Daily Security Scans

Your site will be scanned for any malware or infectious scripts making sure that your website is always safe and secure.

Staging Server

You will have a separate staging server where you can make edits and updates to your site in live website environment before they are pushed to your main website.

SSL Certificate

You will receive an SSL certificate for your website making it https secure on all pages, giving you added protection and improved search ranking from Google.

Small Updates

We offer small text updates of under 10 minutes once a month at no additional cost.

Dedicated Support

You will have a dedicate team member for all support issues and all of your requests will be responded to the same business day.

Credit Reporting

We want to help you build your business credit. We report all payments made for hosting to the major credit bureaus and dun and bradstreet.

Web Hosting Package

Trying to Build Your Business Credit? If You are Not Financing a Website Build But Still Want to Build Your Business Credit, please fill out the application which can be found here.

Website Hosting

We have a team of dedicated security experts keeping track of daily software vulnerabilities on a server and website level. They actively write security patches and enhancements to prevent possible attacks. In the past year alone, we added 300 custom rules to our Web Application Firewall that stopped multiple identified-yet-unresolved third-party software vulnerabilities.

$40 per month

Unlimited Email Addresses

Auto Daily Backups

HTTP/2 Enabled Servers

GDPR compliant

24/7 Technical Support

SSD Storage

Cloudflare CDN

SSL Certificate

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